Wednesday, February 8, 2017

OS Exercise 9 graded

Exercise 9 have been posted and posted on the Moodle.

Typical points of penalty is "missing explanation (or reason)". For example, in Problem 2 Question 1, just writing "slow" did not give you full mark. You should have said "each memory access (in the program) will incur two extra memory accesses (for page tables)."

If you have any question, please ask the instructor during today's class. (you can ask by email but it may not give you enough time to understand the feedback before the final exam).

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

OS Exercise 14 posted

The problems for Exercise 14. This is an early release of the problems than usual so that student can start preparation for not only Exercise 14 itself but also for the lecture tomorrow as well as final exam on Friday. If you find any mistakes or types, please contact the instructor.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

OS Exercise 8 Graded

Exercise 8 has been graded and posted on the Moodle.

Each "Problem" is given 10pts: (1pt for each blank in Problem 1. 5pts for each Question in Problems 2 and 3).

In Problem 2, some students only obtained part of page table sizes (e.g. only the number of entries, or, the size of entry). The total grade (30pts) is scaled to 100% and posted on the Moodle.

Some students did not follow the submission instructions, which appeared in every Exercise problem sheet; most likely

  • Incorrect file name
  • Incorrect file type
If you have any question, please ask the instructor (The assistant may seem easy to ask questions, but he can't raise your grade!).