Wednesday, November 27, 2013

OS Schedule for the rest of 2013

As announced in the class, the OS class on December 4 will be cancelled due to the instructor's business trip . On December 11, first two periods will be devoted for the lectures. We will cover the rest of Chapter 3. We will work on exercise problems in the 3rd period. We will use the same class room (LH204) and the lab (RQ146).

On December 18, we will proceed to Chapter 4 "File Systems." It is expected to cover first three sections (i.e. up to Section 4.3 "File System Implementation") on that day.

OS Exercise 7 Submission Deadline Extended

According to the progress of the students, the submission deadline is extended to 1300. Please note that the lecture will take place at LH204 classroom from 1310.

OS Exercise 7

Today's exercise problems has been posted at the Exercise page. Since we start the exercise class from the 1st period, the submission deadline is at 1210 today.

For this exercise, you have an opportunity for extra credits. Read the exercise problem and consult with the instructor.

Friday, November 22, 2013

OS Next Week

Next week (11/27), we will work on exercise problems for the first 2 periods (in the lab, RQ146), and then take the lecture in the 3rd period in the classroom LH204 (M4). It is expected that the exercise problem would be a programming assignment in memory management using a linked-list. If you were not good at C-programming, please review the last year's course materials. The lecture will cover Section 3.3 "Virtual Memory" and proceed to Section 3.4 "Page Replacement Algorithms" if possible. These sections are your reading assignments.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

OS Next Week: Mid-Term Exam

The schedule of the Operating Systems class next week (Nov 20) is as follow:

  • 1st Period: Lecture (Sections 3.1 "NO MEMORY ABSTRACTION" and 3.2 "A MEMORY ABSTRACTION: ADDRESS SPACES"),
  • 2nd Period: Help session (The instructor will answer to the questions from the students),
  • Mid-Term Exam
All classes will take place in the Lecture Hall 204 (M4) classroom. The exam covers Chapters 1,2 and 6. Please read Examination Policies and Rules page carefully. You should need a calculator for some questions.

OS Exercise 6 Deadline

The deadline for today's exercise problem has been extended to 1620 today.

OS Exercise 6

The problem for today's exercise has been posted at the Exercise Page. Due to the accident after the lecture, the deadline will be extended. (will be announced in the lab).

Sunday, November 10, 2013

OS Next Week

Next week, we will proceed to (and finish) Chapter 6 "Deadlocks."

We plan to have the mid-term exam on the week after next (Nov 20).

Friday, November 8, 2013

OS Homework 1

It seemed that some students needed more time to solve the problems in Exercise 4. You can work on them as a homework.

  • Write your answers in a pdf file "hw1.pdf" .
  • Use the submission script hw-submission in the course directory. (Use hw-test for checking as you did with ex-test).
  • The submission deadline is Nov 13, 0859.
  • If the same problems are in both ex5.pdf and hw1.pdf, we will grade the answers in hw1.pdf.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

OS Exercise 5

The problems for today's exercise have been posted at the Exercise Page .

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

OS This Week & Office Hours

This week, we will cover Section 2.4 of the textbook (Scheduling). It is expected that the exercise problems will be asking concepts in this and previous chapters, and also hand-simulate the scheduling algorithms.

If you plan to see the instructor during the office hours today, please contact by email in advance.