Thursday, December 9, 2010

Preparation and Review

Some (if not all) students consider that the time for working on the exercise problems is not enough. This may be true and may not be true. Before coming to the class on Friday, do you prepare for the lecture by reading (and finding the points you don't understand) the textbook ?

Also, have you reviewed what you have learned in the lecture of the last week ? The exercise problems are mostly based on the materials taught last week. If you haven't reviewed them, it takes you some time to remember what you studied, (and waste time). When you have remembered what you did a week ago, the time is up.

Another point, some of the students seem to have spent 'easy time' in programming courses last year. If you think so, you definitely need to study the basics of programming again using the course materials used last year.

When you have submitted incomplete exercise, you have to work to completion FOR YOURSELF (meaning, even though it doesn't give you any points for the exercise). Some students are not doing so and that looks to be the reason why they still do not understand how to use sscanf().

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