Saturday, November 5, 2011

OS Execise Submission Rule Amendament for Mid-Term

We set the following rule on the Execise submission in the Syllabus:

If a student miss more than three (four) exercises by the mid-term (final) exam, he/she will automatically fail the course. One excuse can be granted if the reason of absence is out of his/her control and proved by an official document (such as doctor's note).
This semester, we have a tight schedule between last two execises and the mid-term exam. Therefore, we will change the above rule as follows:
To take the mid-term exam, each student must have two or more valid execise submissions (graded as 0.5 or higher) for Execises 1 to 4.
One exception can still be granted with a supporting document as mentioned above (original rule). Please check your grade at the grade page (maintaind by the TA; internal access only). If you ask for the "one execuse" rule, contact the instructor immediately.

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