Tuesday, November 25, 2014

OS Tomorrow

As it was announced in the class last week, the schedule of the OS class is as follows:

  • During the first period, we will have a lecture covering first few sections in Chapter 3 "Memory Management" (likely to be up to Section 3.2 "A memory Abstraction: Address Space"). Please read these sections (preferably up to Secion 3.3). Therefore, we will meet at S6 (RS281) in the morning.
  • During the next two periods, we will work on the exercise problem related to the sections mentioned above. It is expected to be programming assignment and use linked-list structures. Please review and refresh your memory on this complicated data structure (often the source of your headache and segmentation faults) .
  • This was also mentioned last week. We will review the mid-term exam problems during the lecture.
  • A homework problem for extra credit is planned. Detail will be explained during the exercise class.

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