Wednesday, November 30, 2016

OS Exercise 4 graded

Exercise 4 has been graded and posted on the Moodle system. The grading criteria and scheme are as follows:

Base Points: (1pt for each)

  • mutex and barrier initialization
  • read input
  • thread creation
  • enc() implementation
  • protection of critical region by mutex (sandwiched by lock/unlock)
  • barrier (to wait for worker threads to finish)
  • print_output implementation

Advanced Points (2pts for each)

  • check if stridx < length after lock acquisition
  • mutex locking only for copying and incrementing stridx (excludes other operations of enc())
The total grade is 11pts (7 + 4) and then is scaled to 150%. Due to a technical problem with Moodle, grades higher than 100% are posted as 100% with actual grades in the comment field. If you have any question, please ask the instructor.

1 comment:

oi said...

The above mentioned problem of grade point scale has been fixed.
Those who have earned >100% should see it on the Moodle grade book.