Monday, August 13, 2007

Language Processing Textbook Information

Currently, the following two options seem to be reasonable for purchaing the textbook for the language processing course:
Title: Engineering a Compiler: International Student Edition

Keith Cooper, Rice University, Houston, Texas
Linda Torczon, Rice University, Houston, Texas
ISBN:   9781558606999
Option 1
Buy from the publisher at $64.95. We will get either 5% (10 to 19 copies) or 10% (20 or more copies) discount if we order together. Please note that we will also have to pay shipping cost which is about 10% of the book price.
Option 2
Buy from amazon japan. Currently, their price is 8253 Yen including tax and shipping.
To place an order for the option 1, I have to collect the money from each student. Please let me hear your choice.

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