Monday, October 15, 2007

Project Team Registrarion Problems

As it was announced previously , project team registration was closed at 5pm last Friday. Unfortunately, there many students who did not take proper actions and they caused team registration problems:

  • some team submitted registraion several times (some of them even changed the team member order for each registraion)
  • sent registraion and request for team mate to wrong email address
  • sent registration and/or request for finding team mate after the deadline
  • requested me to find team mate(s) "IF he/she cannot find team mates by the deadline." However, he/she did not tell me whether the attempt was successful or not
All the team who cause these problems will receive -5pt penalty. you may also withdraw your team registraion, if you wish. In this case, please send email with "LP07 PROJECT REGISTRAION WITHDRAWAL" "OS07 PROJECT REGISTRAION WITHDRAWAL" as the subject to the instructor. The (probably) incomplete and incorrect team list will be posted on the course project page later this afternoon.

As a general advice, you have to read the instruction/information carefully and you have to act without delay (do not leave things until the deadline).

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