Friday, January 28, 2011

Exercise Submission

Dear students, compared to last few years, this year we had great students and had many survivors in the class.*

As announced before the final exam yesterday, there are some students who missed five or more exercise submissions. According to the syllabus, these students disqualify for the course, unfortunately. However, the syllabus also says that an exception is granted if you have a valid reason. We are finalizing the grades for exercise problems, but the grade page maintained by the TA has only up to Exercise 11. If

  • You have missed three exercise submissions by Ex11,
  • consider your submissions for Ex12 and Ex13 were very poor, and
  • you have a valid reason which can be proved by a document
please contact the instructor immediately.

* The instructor agrees to some students who said "this class is normal, and ...", but let's say the other way around at this moment.

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