Friday, January 14, 2011

OS Exercise, Next Week and Final Exam Schedule

  1. As announced in the class yesterday, this week's exercise problem will be posted during this weekend. The deadline of submission will be before Monday midnight (at 2359). Any hint, correction, notice or clarification will be posted on this board and/or sent by email. Also, I will try to make myself available for your question on the Monday afternoon.
  2. Next week, which will be the last day of the class, we will proceed to Chapter 5 "INPUT/OUTPUT." We will concentrate on the first four sections; especially Section 5.4 "disks", which is significantly related to what we have learned in Chapter 4 "File Systems." Once again, please read these sections of the textbook before coming to the class.
  3. The Student Affairs Division has announced the schedule of the final exam:

    The final exam of our class will take place on the 5th period of January 27* at the Classroom M1 (Lecture Hall 201).

*Formerly written as January 25, but it was a typo.

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