Friday, January 13, 2012

Exercise Grades Posted

We have completed grading exercise problems up to Exercise 12 and TA has posted the grades on his page.

The Curriculum Guide (Examinations and Assessment of Academic Performance) of the Student Affairs Division says that students need to attend 2/3 of the classes. We measure it by the number of valid exercise submissions. This year, since we will have fourteen exercise in total, if you have missed six or more submissions*, you will disqualify for the final exam. If you have any valid reason for missed submission, you have to contact the instructor immediately. When we have graded the exercise problem of the next year (Exercise 14), those who disqualify will be notified.

(* In Syllabus, it is mentioned that "more than four (i.e. >= 5)" missed submissions disqualify the students, but this year we have more exercise problems that past years and the policy was amended).

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