Friday, January 27, 2012

OS11 Disqualification

All the exercise submissions have been graded and the results have been posted at the Exercise Grade page. Those who disqualified for the class (due to six or more missed/poor submissions) have received email from the instructor.

Please note that this year, we had 'pre-lecture' exercise problems and more exercise problems were expected than pas year. In fact, we only had 14 Exercises and we had to use the same guideline as the past (i.e. 5 or more missed submission for disqualification). However, the revision has already been announed on this board (6 or more for disqualification), we decided to stick with this revised guideline.

The results of Exercise and Exams have been posted on the web. Those who disqualified should be advised that you needed to understand your situation and had to ask questions (or ask assistance) to the teaching staff. If your exercise or exam was graded poor, you should understand that you found points to improve.

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