Monday, August 20, 2012

Textbook for OS and AOS

The Operating Systems class and the Advanced Operating Systems class will use the same textbook, Modern Operating Systems, 3rd edtion, by Andrew S. Tanenbaum (the latter course is in the graduate program and will go through different chapters than undergrad, off course).

Undergrad students will receive email from the university bookstore regarding the textbook order for the 2nd semester soon. There are several reasons you should order the textbook through the bookstore:

  • the Japanese subsidiary of the publisher gives us a deep discount (you should compare it with that of amazon, for example),
  • since the import books cannot be returned, the bookstore orders a limited quantity. If you miss the first batch of the orders, you won't get it for several weeks after the semester. You might have come an easy way that you didn't have to buy textbooks (even thought you were required), but it is not the case this time.
  • The book is a very popular, standard and well written as a reading material. For some of you, to take a course might have meant, copy-and-paste web search results and collecting past-exam problems. Now it's time for reading comprehension.

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