Thursday, December 4, 2014

OS Class Schedule

  • As it was announced in the class, there will be no OS class next week due to the business trip of the instructor.
  • December 17 will be the last class of this year. We will cover the rest of Chapter 3 (Section 3.5.4 to the end). We will also proceed to Chapter 4 "File Systems." Since we will have no class next week, please spend some time for reading the rest of Chapter 3 and also Chapter 4. These sections are your reading assignments.
  • Exercise problems on 12/17 should cover Sections 3.4 to the end.
  • As we have discussed, the deadline of the homework 1 is on 12/17. Those who have worked on the homework first demonstrate their programs to the instructor at the beginning of the exercise class at the lab. Then submit their source code (submission instruction will be provided then). Your program should
    • demonstrate that if works as it is expected in the debug mode (i.e.64KB with displaying the memory map after every command)
    • work in the normal mode and show the differences between the allocation algorithms (e.g. first-fit versus best-fit) or the configuration parameters (the free list classification in the quick-fit) in the statistics displayed at the end of the program execution.
    • You will earn up to 5\% extra credit (extra = in addition to the 100% of exams and exercises points) with this homework.

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