Thursday, December 18, 2014

OS Homework 1

As discussed in the class this week, the program specifications and deadline of the homework 1 have been changed as follows:

  • d (deallocate) command takes an argument in the debug mode. The argument represents the memory address (in the allocation unit, which is 1KB), and the command deallocates allocated segment whose includes the address (i.e. for the b <= a <= e, where b and e are the beginning and end addresses of the segment and a is the argument given to the d command)
  • Input files for testing in the debug mode will be provided, with information of what items to be tested with each file.
  • The program should be revised according to the above change. The revised program should be demonstrated to the instructor on 1/7 (the first class in 2015). The deadline is extended accoardingly.

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