Sunday, October 25, 2015

NO OS Class and Office Hours Next Week

As it was announced in the class, due to a business trip of the instructor, the classes of the Operating Systems for the next week have been canceled. The details of the make up classes will be announced later. Also, the office hours on 10/27 (Tue) from 1400 to 1600 have been canceled.

The following are the tentative schedule for the next three weeks:

11/4: Exercise for Sec 2.3 (x2) and Lecture for Sec 2.4 (Scheduling)
11/11: Exercise for Sec 2.4 (x2) and Lecture for Ch 6 (Deadline)
11/18: Exercise for Ch 6, Midterm Exam and Lecture for Section 3.1 (+ 3.2, if possible).

"Tentative" means it is not finalized and may change later, but should be fixed by the class of 11/4.

If you have any question or request for an appointment, please contact the instructor by email.

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