Friday, September 2, 2016

Web site for Operating Systems Course 2016

The web site for the Operating Systems course has been created. However, it is still under construction and contents may be missing or inconsistent. Please be patient and keep checking constantly (as well as this page).

There are few things that the students taking the OS course should be aware of:

Rules and Policies

Due to the standardization demands from the school, the rules and policies on the exercise submissions and the grading scheme will be revised. They will be reflected on the course web site (as they will be build).


We are going to use the following book as the textbook:

Modern Operating Systems, Global Edition, 4/E , by Andrew S. Tanenbaum, ISBN 10: 1292061421, ISBN 13: 9781292061429, Prentice Hall.

Please order your copy at the University Bookstore. The number of copies they will order initially is limited. Normally, buying through the university bookstore will get you deep discount.

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