Tuesday, January 10, 2017

OS Exercise 6 graded

Exercise 6 submissions have been graded and posted on the Moodle. The following are grading criteria with allocated point(s):

  • Reading input into the appropriate data structures (2pts)
  • Input format error Checking (1pt)
  • Displaying the initial resource allocation (1pt)
  • Banker's algorithm (4pts)
The total points (8pts) are scaled to 100% and posted on the Moodle.

Typical errors/mistakes include:

  • No message is printed out when the initial allocation is unsafe
  • Imcomplete allocation list in the safe case
  • compilation error (why did he submit it?)
  • submission of the template file 'as is' (...)

If you have any question, please talk to the instructor during the Exercise class, office hours, or contact by email.

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