Thursday, October 13, 2011

OS Next Week (and plans for next few weeks)

Next week, we will cover Section 2.2 "Threads" and this section is your reading assignment. Here are the schedule for the next few weeks:

  • 10/26: Section 2.3 "Interprocess communication"
  • 11/2: Section 2.4 "Scheduling" and Section 2.5 "Classical IPC problems"
  • 11/8: Section 6 "Deadlocks"
  • 11/9: Midterm Exam
You may have noticed that 11/8 is not Wednesday (but Tuesday). This is because the instructor will be on a business trip for a conference and the class on 11/16 will be cancelled. 11/8 is the make-up class for 11/16. We plan to do it on the 5th period of 11/8 (1630 to 1800). Details of the make-up class (including the classroom) and the midterm exam will be posted on this board later.

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