Friday, October 28, 2011

Thesis Topics

Here are topics of the senior project for the current sophomore students (You can find the same information on the school's system)

  1. Workload Analysis and Performance Evaluation

    You will learn and investigate how hardware components (such as CPU, memory, disks, network interface) interact with various workload.

  2. Save paper, saver printer toner, and save energy

    We still depent on paper-based procedures for doing many things. Also, some poeple say "online" for justing posting pdf files of the forms on the web but we still have to print them out and fill the forms by hand. In this project, we try to modernize such legacy procedures by publicly available resources (such as Google Apps).

You can find past students' theses in

Please refer to our group's web at

Please contact the instructor by email or in person during his office hours.

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